our story

A Passionate Journey from Brooklyn to Gothenburg

Granelito is the result of love and a passionate desire to create something unique. It all began when my husband Miguel and I met on a bench in Brooklyn, New York 2013. We had both left our previous jobs behind and started to plan our first business. Together with Natalie Joos, we began selling unused clothing from the 50s, 60s, and 70s from my grandparents' deadstock from their clothing boutique Eriksson's shoe and clothing in Smålandsstenar, Sweden.

I am an illustrator and designer. I have always dreamed of fully utilise my creativity from several angles including both my proficiency in illustration and my expertise in fashion design.

Before my relocation to New York City, I held the position of a women's wear designer at Velour, where I played an integral role in overseeing the entire production process.

Miguel, born in Peru and with a family in the Pima cotton industry for over 40 years, felt it was natural to create baby and children's clothing with the soft Pima cotton fiber, something he had a strong connection to since childhood.

In 2018, Granelito was founded in Brooklyn, where the couple lived until 2021 when they moved to Gothenburg. Granelito is a loving tribute to their roots and cultures, with Moa's Swedish and Miguel's Peruvian heritage at the heart of the company. By merging their two worlds, they have created a unique fusion of Scandinavian elegance and Peruvian craftsmanship with high quality materials like organic Pima cotton.

At Granelito, we believe in dressing children in clothes that promote movement and play while being functional for everyday life, including festive occasions. We value comfort without compromising on design, with a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic.

Our commitment to a sustainable and ethical manufacturing process is a given. Our dedication to our planet and its people permeates everything we do, from our choice of materials to our collaborations.

Granelito is a part of our family, and we welcome you to be a part of our journey. Together, we can continue to create clothing that inspires creativity, spreads awareness of our planet, and allow children to be themselves.



Granelito Family