sustainability & ethics

Part of starting Granelito was to fulfil our desire to make clothes that are sustainably and ethically made. On this we will not compromise and we are committed to continually out new solutions to become more sustainable.
All our cotton garments are made from organic Pima cotton grown and harvested by hand in the northern coast of Peru in Piura. Due to its extra long fibers, Pima cotton is more durable than conventional cotton which will result in that our garments can be used for a much longer time and be handed down. 
We work directly with our cut and sew factory in Lima, Peru who work directly with the company growing the cotton, knitting our fabrics and dying and printing our designs. The fabrics we use are GOTS Certified until they reach out cut and sew factory. They work under that same principle as a GOTS certified factory, but have decided to not apply for the certification, which is a big expense for small and mid-size factories each year.
Our newborn gift baskets, that are made by hand in Peru in the homes of the artisans, are reusable and eventually compostable.
We consider all of our garments are unisex. We don’t see a reason to divide our collections into two genders. This way it’s also easier to share a wardrobe between siblings, cousins, friends and other kids in need of clothes. Our hope is that we all buy fewer new, and in better quality, share more.
We encourage you to buy our clothes in slightly bigger sizes so your kids can use them longer. We all know how fast they grow. Our opinion is that oversized garments on kids looks awesome. It’s also fun to see them grow into the clothes and to see the fit change over time.