Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton

Pima cotton, originally called American-Egyptian cotton, is an extra long staple variety of cotton. For hundreds of years Pima cotton was shaped through generations of selective breeding. The results are distinctly long fibers that: retain color better, last longer and that feels much smoother than the majority of cotton that’s grown. 

Peruvian Pima cotton is a small part of 10% high quality cotton that is grown annually. Peru has much higher pay and standard of living than what is sadly accepted as the industry standard globally. Over the years Peruvian Pima Cotton has become the global standard for many who wish to work with the highest quality cotton fibers.

Granelito has only used organic Pima Cotton since its exception and has personally inspected the facilities we use. It’s important to us that the clothes we make- your children and you wear, are ethically and sustainably made. 
We chose to use organic Peruvian Pima cotton to offer clothing, for you and your children, without chemicals while also supporting the agricultural practice of organic farming.