100% Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is a species of cotton plant known to grow extra-long staples, or (ELS). This means that the plants normally grow about twice the length of ordinary cotton.

These longer staple fibers provide a row of benefits, resulting in a super soft and silky fabric with a beautiful luster.

Our organic Pima cotton is grown along the northern coast of Peru.

Here, the rich soil and ideal temperatures enable the plants to soak up all of the moisture needed to provide the perfect source material for a clothing that both looks—and feels—luxurious.


Harvested With Care

Pima cotton is harvested by hand—a process which is better for the cotton, better for the environment, and better for you and your family.
Industrial harvesting, the process used on most cottons, breaks down the cotton fibers leaving impurities that can scratch, and irritate the skin.
Wearing soft, non-irritating fabric is especially important during the earliest stages of our lives, when our bodies are most susceptible to irritants.



Pima cotton is highly durable, and is much more resistant to tearing and pilling than ordinary cotton. The staple fibers retain colors much better, and don’t produce any lint.
This means that fabrics and garments made of Pima cotton age more slowly, and last a lot longer, making it a far more sustainable choice when producing and consuming clothes.